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Foldable Phone Holder Stand

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This flexible & lightweight foldable holder stand is sure to become a staple on your table/setup, completely functional for all sizes of touch devices. This is your one-stop solution for holding your device close to you at all times. Conveniently rotate and stretch this holder according to your preference. Foldable Phone Holder Stand is in high demand & limited in stock.
✅   Touch-Free Browsing Anywhere, Anytime.
✅   Excellent Stand Design To Allow Easy Insertion
✅   Easily Holds Onto Small & Large Touch Devices 
✅   Effortless Rotation, Foldable & Stretchable Technology
This All-In-One Phone Holder is the perfect choice for your desk/table, to make sure you no longer have to pick up your device every time there is something that comes up. Indeed, Saving you a lot of time and distraction. We noticed how traditional phone holders in the market were just so outdated like: Covering text and screen, Hard to install and bulky. This device takes care of everything.
Our favorite feature of this device is definitely going to be the trouble-free flexibility and rotation. It no longer matters where you're sitting or in what position. It's just going to be the perfect angle. You can rest assured that your device is always right in front of your device.

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We've always prioritized our customer experience and satisfaction over profits. We want to give all our customers with a plenty of time to return back the orders within the time-span of 100 days to be completely sure. You're also 100% covered with a 1-year warranty on all our products.

Giving Back To The Community

We all have witnessed how the internet has completely changed the way we can learn and the abundance of knowledge out there. It has become so much more cheaper for these kids to acquire new skills and information. (10 times cheaper!)

Unfortunately, some of them don't have access to this goldmine called a "computer". That's when we knew what we had to do. We've decided to proceed 20% of all the money we make to buying new computers and accessories for the needy kids, around the world.


Thankyou so much for the cable organizer. I've just finished adding to to my table and it's quiet easy to be frank. My setup is so much more tidy now.

A big thanks to the Clever Setups team for the amazing moon stand bulb that I bought. My table just looks so much more welcoming!

I would 100% recommend their amazing headphone stand. I can't believe how organized my table looks by this simple addition. Thankyou!

Love the mini-laptop stand. I spend most of my time on my computer and it used to get overheated all the time. No longer! That's a big relief guys!

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